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Sourdough Loaves

Asiago Cheese

Chocolate Cherry

Country Sourdough

Eight Grain

Five Grain

French Sourdough

Kalamata Olive

Normandy Apple

Parmesan and Cracked Black Pepper

Roasted Potato and Garlic

Toasted Seed

Whole Wheat Loaves

Cracked Whole Wheat

Cranberry Pecan

Honey Wheat

Multi Grain

Pumpkin Seed

Raisin Walnut

Sesame Seed

Rye Loaves

Almond and Cracked Wheat

Apple Cider and Raisin

Black Bread


Havarti Cheese and Dill

Onion and Stout

Sunflower Seeds

Whole Wheat and Whole Rye

Yeasted Loaves

100% Spelt




Cinnamon Oatmeal and Raisin

French Country

Oatmeal and Honey

Potato and Onion

Potato and Roasted Garlic


Rustic Mushroom

Rustic with Olive and Fennel Seed

Semolina Potato and Rosemary

Semolina Raisin and Fennel Seed

Sunflower Seed

Focaccia Loaves

Bleu Cheese, Red Onion and Toasted Walnuts

Pesto with Kalamata Olive and Feta Cheese

Portabella Mushroom, Garlic and Roasted Onion

Potato, Rosemary and Feta Cheese

Sundried Tomato with Mozzarella Cheese

Thyme and Pepper

Toasted Almond with Roasted Garlic

Seasonal Listings as Fresh Produce Offered at the Local Farmers Markets

Breakfast Pastries


Fruit Tarts


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